Rod Mack Up Close & Personal…

The Peoples House

The Peoples House


Rod Mack

Georgia Governor November 6, 2018



*Member: Board Of Appeals

*Certified Community Planner Through The Atlanta Regional Commission

*Elected Fayette State Committee Member

*Elected 5th District Post-Seat Holder

*Pres/CEO Rod-Air Logistics

*Awarded Statewide DHR Contract

*Member: Ebenezer Baptist Church Home Of Martin Luther King

*TV/Radio/Print/Social Media

AJC, USA Today, The Atlanta Tribune, Dr OZ, The Dr Joy Show, The Christian Science Monitor, Creative Loafing, Facebook, LinkedIn, The South Fulton Neighbor Newspaper

*Lobbied Fulton County Commissioners For A Multi-Million Dollar Library In Hapeville

*Elected Post Seat Holder District #59

*Authorized Statewide Notary

*Support HB 191 Mass Expungement

*Support Saturday & Sunday Voting

*Statewide DHR Medical/Vendor Expediting Life-Saving Medical Samples

*Publisher: Inside Atlanta Magazine

*30 Year Activist For Minority, LBGT, Homeless, & Immigrants Civil Rights

* Choir/Singer (Star Spangled Banner) Braves SunTrust Stadium

*Single, Golfer, Cyclist, Cultural Arts

*Attended Morehouse College




As you may well know, Today! Is Equal Payday The day that highlights the continued gender wage gap…

Isn’t it hard to believe that in Georgia in 2018, women earn on average, just .82 cents for each dollar a male earns for similar work? And it gets even worse for African American women who earn just .60 cents on the dollar and Latino women can’t even break .45 cents on the dollar. This is wreckless unconstitutional disparity still exist in Georgia and across America because of greedy corporations and and very little educational opportunities. This systematic failure is a loss of more than $40 Billion in combined wages for women. These are wages needed for housing, food, transportation, education, etc. It’s a drag on Georgia’s economy and it must end now!…

With your vote I will boldly sign a Statewide minimum wage increase of $15+ into law. This is a cornerstone of our campaign, and now it will be how we create a stronger and fair Georgia.

We must close this gap, and Georgia must lead the nation by example by paying based on what the job is… And not on the past pay or gender…

We need you to spread the word that will put an end to pay inequality and level the playing field…



U.S. Congressman John Lewis & Me


Author: rodmackforgeorgia

* Current Board Of Appeals Member * Elected State Committee Member * Elected 5th District Representative * 25+ Year Member Ebenezer Church Home Of MLK * Attended Morehouse College

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