The People’s Party…

“Make Georgia A Cool Blue State Again”


Rod Mack

Georgia Governor November 6, 2018


The People’s Party Is The Oldest Existing Party In Georgia and the U.S. Experts Say That It Begin When Jefferson Founded It In 1792. Jefferson Was Strongly Opposed To Elected Lawmakers Serving In Government And Favoring The Wealthy 1% Percent Who Are Legally Robbing And Stealing From the 99% Percent In Today’s Language…

The People’s Party Grew Headed By Andrew Jackson, When He Was Elected President In 1828 He Believed In A Strict Interpretation Of The Constitution And Limitation Of The Government’s Powers To Dismantle Individual Lives And Rule Like Dictators Pretty Much Like Today…

Today’s RodMackForGeorgia Takes A Different Approach That Stand For Justice, Equality, & Fairness. RodMackForGeorgia Will Fight For Minorities, Immigrants, Opposition Of Capital Punishment, A $15+ Hourly Minimum Wage, Stricter Gun Laws On Private Or Personal Property, Equal Rights For Children, Seniors, Women, And The LGBT Community.

RodMackForGeorgia Believe That Local, State, And Federal Government Should Take A More Active Role In Humanity And Compassion To Individuals In Need. As Georgia’s Next Governor I Will Begin By Donating 1/3 Of The Governor’s Salary To Churches & Charitable Organizations Throughout Georgia’s 159 Counties…

Two Presidents Pulled America Out Of A Economic Depression, Kept Unemployment Low, Encouraged Companies To Provide Millions Of Jobs, Created The (ACA) Affordable Care Act, And Provided Millions Of Americans With Social Security For Life… Thank You! Barack Obama (2008-2015) And Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933-1945) As Governor I Promise To Keep Martin Luther’s King Dream Alive, Just Like The Two Good Men Who Did The Same…


All Power To The People…



Author: rodmackforgeorgia

* Current Board Of Appeals Member * Elected State Committee Member * Elected 5th District Representative * 25+ Year Member Ebenezer Church Home Of MLK * Attended Morehouse College

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